Friday, May 19, 2006

the da vinci code

finally, i was able to watch the much talked-about movie of the year, the da vinci code. i've read the book written by dan brown and it only took me a few days to finish it. and now that i've seen the movie, i can say that i like the book more. as always is the case on book-based movies. but, it doesn't mean the movie is not good! it actually is very truthful to the book, except probably for a few minor details and the variation at the last part. overall, i give it a 5-thumbs up.

initially though, i was envisioning a different actor to play robert langdon. but upon seeing the movie last night, tom hanks did a great job of filling the shoes of robert langdon. he's a great actor so no questions about his acting anymore.

by the way, this movie has been talked-about for almost 2 weeks already. a lot of sectors especially some religious groups have been raising concerns about showing the movie here in the philippines. but why? knowing how we humans think, the more we're told not to watch it, the more we'll be curious about this. isn't this why adam & eve was banished from the garden of eden?! because they got curious!

regardless of its classification, i'm sure a lot of people will watch this movie.

personally, i feel that if your faith is strong enough, nothing can dissuade you from what you believe in.


  1. Just like what they did with the movie The Priest. I watched the movie because I got so curious about the big fuss about it. (*grins*)

  2. I have already read the book Da Vinci but I haven’ watched the movie. From the people’s comments who watched it, they were unison in saying that it is boring. It is convincing enough that the book is better than the movie. Though I still am looking forward to watch the film, I am still apprehensive about being frustrated in the process. One advantage of getting feedbacks is that I begin to prepare myself from what will come.

    I learned about your angel. I believe she’s watching over you. You can county on her.

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