Sunday, February 19, 2006

of birthdays, eb's and more

this has been a busy weekend for me. but it wasn't at all tiring but something that i actually looked forward to.

daddy's birthday

as i've previously said, we celebrated daddy's 60th birthday last friday. i arrived earlier at the mall so i can order a cake for him. i just told nelo to proceed there from his office. we reserved a place ahead and i asked them to keep the cake for the meantime.

we were suppposed to meet up with mama & daddy at 630, but instead, they arrived at 730 already.

anyway, it was a good dinner and we haven't really gone out as a family, as in no absnet family member, for quite sometime. after dinner, i went out for a while to get daddy's cake. as i approached our table, it was mama who was surprised to see me with the cake. well, daddy as always just had this big smile. no speeches or anything, just a wide grin from him. but i do know that he really appreciated what we did for him.

here's wishing another 60 years ahead for you daddy!

monthly scrapbook eb

it was our february eb last saturday! yahoo! mia hosted our eb this month. incidentally, it was also her birthday that day. happy birthday mia! ria brought a care bears cake for her. yummy cake!

anyway, monthly, our egroup meets up to make chika, eat and share with each other our albums or layouts. the other good thing about eb's is we SHOP! hahaha!

it's always fun meeting up with the girls monthly to just really share the same passion - scrapbooking (and shopping for scrapbook stuff!)!

we started off at 10am until 5pm. i actually left at 5pm but there were still a lot of us who were there. even jeff, pia's hubby has become a member of the group. he is the group's (un)official photographer for every eb. he's actually a photographer by profession.

seeing the lo's of the girls actually gives you inspiration to do more. other than the usual chika & stuff, we also got the chance to cut some dies for our titles. good thing we also share the use of our ever reliable sizzix machine. i was even able to cut the title for my february mcs and the title i need for the shadow box frame i'm trying to work on.

it always is an adrenaline rush for me whenever there's an eb. it's the one thing that i look forward to every month. it's a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of work. i just can't wait again for next month's eb. check out our photos here.

baptism and birthdays

we attended the baptism and birthday celebration of joanne's kids earlier. joanne had a triple celebration for her kids, jorel's baptism and jerome's 3rd and jacob's 2nd birthday.

it was a fun party. seeing all these moms & dads with their kids. for me, the best part of the games was when the mommy & daddy game.

the moms were grouped in 2 and they had to rank themselves based on the host's instructions. some of it were, rank yourselves based on age, length of hair, first name, last name and even the shoe size! some of my scrapper friends were also in the party and, was also part of the game, even joanne joined in that game.

the dads naman were given a mug with a ball tied to it. and they have to "catch" the ball using the mug! it was funny seeing these dads fight it out, all for the sake of their kids.

no, i did not take a photo of the party but i did take a photo of nadine!

there was a chocolate fountain during the party. both kids and adults alike liked it and just kept on coming back for it.

while mia was playing the mommy game, her daughter nadine was with us sa table with her dad. and she was eating marshmallows, i think, dipped in chocolate from the choco fountain. when she was finished with eating the marshmallows and some of the chocolate, she continued eating the chocolate that was sticking in the paper plate.
the way i saw it, she really liked the chocolate, never mind that half her face was already covered with chocolate. she just kept on licking at the paper plate. she was so cute!

it was a scrapbook moment if you ask me! judge for yourself:

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