Saturday, February 25, 2006

a new ob

after months of contemplating on whether to switch ob's or not, i have finally decided to go to a different one.

the debate on whether to switch ob's has been going on in my head (& my heart) for a few months now. after what has happened to me, my best friend have been advising me to find a new ob. well, it's not just her, but also a few people who knew my history. honestly, i don't blame my ob over what happened. the cause of my premature birth is still and will always be a "mystery" and i can no longer bring back my baby.

still, there was a concern and i cannot totally blame them.

the last straw in the decision process was when my hubby himself told me to consider going to my sil's ob. we've had this discussion about the ob previously. he sid he'll support whatever decision i make. and i appreciate him for that. but i also do know that deep within him, he was also considering other things.

and so, we finally decided to visit the new ob today.

i had to search for my old medical records so just the new ob will know my medical history. i also brought along the medical certificate for raya just in case.

we waited for almost 3 hours before it was our turn.

once there, i explained my medical history and showed her a copy of my records. she then conducted a tvs ultra sound on me. based on her explanation, i guess the results can be considered positive.

- on my last visit to my old ob, she found 4 cysts in my uterus. she said before that it may be due to the fact that my uterus is still swollen (it was just 2 months after i gave birth). i was supposed to go back to her for another ultrasound last november but i wasn't able to come back anymore.

according to my new ob, she found only 1 cyst in the right side of my uterus and it may be physiological in nature. meaning, there is no cause for alarm since i have just ovulated and it may have been due to that. i was advised to come back on the 2nd or 3rd day of my next monthly period. she'll check it again and will know from there.

- my hopes of giving birth again via vbac (vaginal birth after caesarian) have been dashed. according to the ultrasound report, the cut on my uterine wall was a classic caesarian. it was in the active portion of my uterus muscle and this muscle contracts when you are pregnant. for me to be able to go vbac, the cut should have been at the upper portion of the uterus were there is less muscle action.

there is nothing more i can do this time after hearing that from the new ob. my old ob said that i can still go vbac and i was hanging on to that possibility the next i get pregnant. but now, after the new findings, it was something i never expected. i was disappointed and a little dismayed over this information.

although a bit concerned about some of the info shared by the new ob, i found new hope with her. the way she discussed my results and looked at my medical history gave me a new found hope. hope that everything within me is okay.

i (we) only pray that we are on the right track. we pray that we'll be granted the new baby that we are praying for. we pray that our angel will be there to look after us and guide as well. we need a lot of prayers right now and we only hope that he'll be with us always.


  1. when the time is right sis, your prayers will be answered. stay strong :)

  2. i agree with meeya.... i'm also praying for you.

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  4. im also praying for you. never mind na lang if CS uli as long as safe ang baby yun naman talaga ang importante