Thursday, January 05, 2006


i got reprimanded earlier by hubby. =(

it all started when i read this post in my scrapbook e-group about our friend e ordering from in early december and up till now, her tita has not yet received her package. her tita has arrived already but her package is not in sight. well, having read that, i immediately panicked!

you see, i've been a really bad girl! having been hooked to scrapbooking, i've been trying to build up on my stash and have been ordering online more often than usual. and, since i knew that sil will be arriving this month, i rushed my online shopping and added a few more items. i had the goods shipped to my sil's place in texas and requested if she can bring it home with her. the previous packages have already arrived and i've been informed about it before. however, am not sure if she was able to receive my recent purchases in december. i actually sent her a list of the things to expect. she never said anything about my email so i simply assume that everything is well with my purchases.

but, when i read e's post, i suddenly realized that i never got any response from sil with regards the status of my stash! oh no! could the same thing have happened to me? sil is on her way to manila already and there's no way for me to check it.

so, i ym'd hubby and told him that i got worried with my stuff. well, let's just say that hubby has no idea i've been doing this. so when he called me up a few minutes later, he asked what were the items that i was expecting? uhm, a lot...

his tone suddenly changed, a bit irritated i think. his concern was that sil probably had a hard time packing my stash along with their own packages. and that i probably ate up a good amount of kilos they could have alloted for other stuff. i retorted back by saying that i couldn't do anything anymore, they're packed already and on their way here.

well, with controlled temper, he told me to not do it again coz it's such a hassle to sil.

what else can i say except, yes dear...

i was probably possessed when i kept on ordering those stuff! lol! yeah, right! as if! hahaha!


  1. hehehe ganyan talaga. it's nice when our hubbies help us refocus. :D

  2. yes dear.. as in yes dear when i panick i wont tell you anymore.. hahahha