Thursday, January 05, 2006

sil & family arrives tomorrow

well, husband's family is already anticipating the arrival of sil and her family tomorrow. the last that they were able to return to the philippines from texas was when hubby and i got married in may 2004. at that time, sil was on the family way already.

now, almost a year & a half after, they return again to the country and this time, they'll be bringing along their kid, c! c will celebrate her 1st birthday here. here's a copy of the scrapbook i made for them a few months back. ain't c cute! she's just so adorable. can't wait to see her tomorrow!

since her celebration will be here, hubby and i are the ones in charge of organizing the party. everything is set, the venue, food, entertainment and the prizes as well as the other incidentals. we'll be doing it in an indoor theme park in ortigas.

they'll be staying here for amlost a month. this is going to be very hectic month for all of us. am sure sil and her husband would want to visit a lot places while they're here.

i think mil is preparing a lot of filipino dishes for tomorrow. i heard sil requested for palabok. a welcome banner has been prepared already and we're just waiting for their arrival.

and the countdown begins!

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