Friday, January 06, 2006

they're here!

it's official, sil and family is already here. after almost 16 hours of travel, they have finally arrived here in the philippines. hubby was the one who picked them up from the airport earlier. actually, am still here at the office and they just called me up to advise me they're home already. i'll finally be able to see c later!

according to sil, as told by hubby, when they were on flight from corpus christi to houston, baby c didn't make such a big fuss on the flight, considering it was her first plane ride. all she did was play with the window covers, pulling up & down. when they were finally at the international airport, c was so restless that bil & sil placed her on the stroller and just walked around the terminal waiting area. after that, she just slept through the flight. no major fuss or anything. oh, except when they were changing her diaper at the lavatory! sil was struggling to change her diaper coz she was so restless. c kept on playing and didn't seem to want her diaper changed. after much ado, sil won the battle! lol! such a funny kid!

i've already requested permission from my boss that i'll just go undertime today. am just waiting for hubby to pick me up here. can't wait to see you c!

birthday checklist

meanwhile, as i wait for hubby to arrive, what else do i need to prepare for c's birthday party on sunday? as i've mentioned before, hubby & i are in charge of c's 1st birthday celebration. so, i'm listing down all the items i've prepared just to make sure all is in order:

venue - ok
- cake : ordered and settled with venue
- magic show: reserved c/o venue
food - ok c/o caterer
food carts - ok c/o
prizes for games - items bought already, packed for transfer to venue
loot bag - goodies : ok
- just need to place the goodies in the loot bag
piƱata - items for pabitin ready
- need to tie the items on the pabitin; there are 2 pabitins to prepare

so far so good! i think everything is in place already. just need to settle the minor details. the invitations have been set out as well. here's a copy of c's invite. this is a 2-page invite. the actual invite has a flower key ring as holder. thanks to roland & jimmy for helping create the invite that i envisioned for the party.

ok! here's wishing for a great party on sunday!

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  1. she's a cute girl
    Good luck sa party sis. :D