Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the eagle, the lizard & the kangaroo

our company celebrated its 16th year founding last january 6, which also coincides with our chairman's birthday. the celebration was done yesterday, jaunary 9. a thanksgiving mass was held and attended by all the employees and naturally, by our chairman, mr. m. after the mass, he gave a message to us by narrating the story of the eagle, the lizard and the kangaroo.

the story goes like this: in order to teach her eaglets to fly, the mother eagle would bring them above the highest cliff. from there, she'll gently nudge the eaglet onto the cliff's edge, letting them "fall." and in this process, make them spread their wings and learn to fly. the lizard on the otherhand, never stays in one place unlike its frog friends who only stay in one pond. the lizard would often forage on thier own and seek food outside of their normal shelter fending for themselves in the process. lastly, the kangaroo would rear its kids in their pouch for even up to a year. the mama kangaroo lovingly lets her kid stay in her pouch and always rear them until they are ready on their own.

so, how does that apply to us, as a company. according to mr. m, like the eagle, he'll push out excomms over the "cliff" by letting them soar on their own, with little help from him. he's letting them go so that they can soar and learn on their own already. no need for mr. m to be always there. like the lizard, we all must not just stay in one place. we must spread ourselves and learn to forage our own keep. we must be more aggressive finding more "sources" of income and fending for ourselves in this cut-throat industry. and, much like the kangaroo, we must all have love in our own little pouches. love that we should share with our fellow employees. help carry them in our pouches whenever they need love and support from any of us.

it really was a nice speech that he gave.

listening to mr. m, i realized that i've been with this company for more than 2 years already. still way short of the third year but i guess long enough to have heard him say almost the same kind of speech for 3 years already.

he always tells us that he'll relax already and just let our bosses run the company that he has so lovingly set-up 16 years ago. but, still, he's here almost weekly and makes sure that he knows what's happening in the office on a regular basis.

honestly, this is probably the second longest tenure i've had in an office. i mean, i've been through 4 companies already and i only stayed with the company an average of 2 years. the longest tenure i had was 3 years when i was still at sm. i'll probably stay longer here owing to the fact that i am not getting any younger. plus, priorities have changed. i now am starting to build on my own family and i have them to consider for any decision i make. i can no longer just go and leave just because i want to.

this company's really not perfect. there are a lot of things that i wished they'd change. things that i wish they'll improve on including the benefits. but, still, i somehow like it here. i like the people i work with and i like the accounts that i handle. it's like i'm in a family. and just like in a family, nothing's perfect. besides, i love advertising no matter how stressful this industry is!

let's see next year if i am still saying the same thing...

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