Tuesday, January 24, 2006

little scrapping discoveries

i've been bloghopping quite a lot the past few days. and, i made some discovery! i found the blog of some of the big names in the scrapbooking community! just to name a few:

- ali edwards
- tara whitney
- cathy zielski
- donna downey
- stacy julian

wow! i haven't really searched for them before, nor have i actually tried looking at all. but, thanks to the links in some of my blogger friends' blogs, i was able to find my way through these great blogs.

it's nice to be able to glimpse at the lives of these great scrappers. plus, they have really cool links on some scrap sessions they've taught including some of the projects they've done. great place for inspiration aside from two peas in a bucket. i'll place these links later in my blog.

just have to concentrate on my work for now.

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