Monday, January 23, 2006

super sleepy

i am about to doze off as i type this blog. i decided to just type away just to keep myself from falling asleep on my desk. i'm drinking a very very hot flavored coffee right now and i think it is somehow helping in keeping me awake.

i've been sleeping quite late for almost 2 weeks now. for various reasons, my average sleep only lasts about 4-5 hours. either we're out, since sil's family is still here, or i'm scrapbooking, finishing up the album for my other sil. her baby's to be baptized this weekend and i'm trying to finish the album so she'll have a brag book to show off to her guests.

and on weekends, i can't even extend my sleeping hours as well. out of town trips or family activties are tiring me out even more. don't get me wrong though. i like going out and spending time with them. it's just that, lack of sleep and tiredness is getting the best of me. these activities are affecting the way i work. i'm too tired at times to even move around the office much.

i just truly hope i get my groove back by next week. sil is schedule to leave by 1st of february. by then, weekends will hopefully be left open and there'll be a little more time to catch up on my sleep.

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