Tuesday, December 20, 2005

blogger bummer!

my happiness over the change of my blogger template was shortlived! and i hate it!

i've changed my blogger's template and along with it, updated some of my links including some other add-ons. for some reason, which i cannot even identify, it just suddenly displays a runtime error everytime i try to view my blog!

geesh!!!! after all the work i placed into plugging in all my links and updating the format, it just all went down the drain!

i decided to just change skin anew! the same problem still persists! i don't know what is wrong anymore! i've been asking help from our i.t man but he's of no help either!

i'm getting frustrated with this. i've spent valuable time changing this blog and all for nothing! so now, i'm forced to not change anything for the meantime. i just have to update these for now and see if the links are the culprit to this problem.

still, i hate this! this is getting to be a hassle instead! i do hope everythings works out by tomorrow.

so for now, i have to rely on memory to be able to re-link up with my blogger friends.



  1. It can be so frustrating whem things go wrong but keep with it!!!
    Take care of yourself

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    hi! :) blog.hoppin from diane. hope you dont mind me snoopin around. merry christmas.Ü -superwonderwomanruss.blogspot.com-

  3. hi liza, try blogrolling.com. i use it to keep track of my blogreads and friends. its a very simple program that you can paste onto your new template, so you wont have to list your all links one by one esp if you happen to have loads of links like i do :) good luck! :)