Thursday, December 22, 2005

holiday rush!

barely 3 days before christmas and people are rushing to the mall to buy last minute gifts - including me!

c and me went out for lunch today to buy gifts for some of our other officemates. i failed to buy for them yesterday coz i was so engrossed in finding hubby a christmas gift. thankfully, i was able to find a pair of jeans and a polo for him. i'm quite sure he'll love the gift. you see, he doesn't often buy clothes and he mostly wear out his clothes before buying a new set. he's the type who'll stick to what he has especially if he's very comfortable with it.

as i was saying, the mall is filled with people in a shopping frenzy. people are almost elbow-to-elbow in some sections of the mall. i had to struggle with some just to find the right size for this shirt that i saw.

despite the whining over these crowded malls, we all still enjoy shopping especially during the christmas season. no matter how little the budget is, we still look for something that we can give to our friends. the little joy we're able to share with people during this season is enoough to lighten up our hearts.

as they say, christmas is a season of sharing. so, share what you have no matter how little it is. enjoy the holidays.

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  1. Just dropped by to greet you a very Merry Christmas!