Wednesday, November 23, 2005


finally, after almost a week, i've seen
harry potter - goblet of fire last night! all i can say is i so loovvveee the movie!

well, the book version is still the best. but the movie adaptation definitely lived up to the book's reputation. the visual elements and great editing was a big plus for the movie.

daniel radcliffe rocks! he really is harry potter personified! the casting was really great. the only slight disappointment i had in terms of the choice of actors was that of cho chang's. i was really expecting a more "stunning" actress to play it. but hey, who am i to judge the director's decision on his choices! lol!

the best scenes for me were:
- the underwater scene when harry was supposed to perform the 2nd task and save ron. great effect when harry "transformed" after eating the gillyweed. i was in awe at how they did that scene.
- the scene when harry and cedric was trasnported in front of the riddle grave and voldemort was ressurected. the scene was so riveting that you'll feel the "darkness" of the character that's about to be "re-born"
- lastly, the scene when harry went back to hogwarts "carrying" cedric diggory's body. it was so intense! the way he was holding on to the body and crying unabashedly, mumbling that lord vlodemort is back. admittedly, i cried a bit watching this scene.

gotta love j.k. rowling for such a magnificent story. without her, i wouldn't be hooked to the harry potter fever.

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