Wednesday, November 23, 2005

coming soon

hubby and i loves to watch movies! when we were just starting off with our relationship, part of our weekly date is watching a movie. this has actually continued on even after we got married. we just took a backseat from this habit when i got pregnant.

how i miss that weekly habit. it became sort of a therapy for us. i remember my best friend asking me before if i ever get tired of watching a movie weekly. i immediately said no! how can i? i enjoy seeing the way filmmakers weave a story. i love looking at the way they edit their films and blending great acting with splendid cinematography. i love laughing when i see comediennes perform on film. it relieves me of stress and it just makes me enjoy life.

movies contribute to my growth. i learn from it, i laugh and cry with it. i learn to be more critical of things depending on the story i'm seeing. it enriches me in much the same way as when i am also reading a book.

will i continue on watching
movie? i definitely will. some of the movies i was able to preview lately are:
little manhattan
a feel good movie about first love and how it shapes a person. starring josh hutcherson, bradley whitford, cynthia nixon and charlie ray
underworld evolution
this is the sequel to the underworld which was shown more than 2 years ago. it's a story about the struggle between vampires and werewolves. it stars kate beckinsale and scott speedman.
i still remember when i watched the prequel. it was the night when best friend's mom was rushed to the hospital. we were inside the movie house when she got the call that she had to rush immediately to the hospital. a sad association to the movie...
great casting for thsi film with gwyneth paltrow and anthony hopkins as lead actors. also stars jake gyllenhaal. the movie follows the daughter of a recentlydeceased mathematician who must deal with the legacies of brilliance and madness her father left her.
the family stone
this is the first movie of sarah jessica parker after ending the long running show
sex and the city. the movie's about this guy who brings home his girlfrined (parker) whom the family doesn't seem to like. it's a good movie about family relationships.
this is the new movie by director m. night shymalan. this is one movie that i'd like to see. will this movie be in the same genre as that of
the sixth sense and signs? hmmm... that would be something.

i really look forward to seeing these movies. i know there'll be more movies coming soon. i just hope that the previews we've seen is as promising as the real deal.


  1. The best part about watching a movie is we can cuddle with our husbands no? :)

  2. sinabi mo pa! bonding di ba kahit pa "busy" kayo watching the movie. :D