Friday, November 25, 2005

am off to a wedding!

one of my very close friends j, is getting married this sunday at fernwoods garden. there's a small chapel in the same venue and that's where the ceremony will also be held. i'm going to be one of the secondary sponsors, a veil sponsor to be more specific. most of us in the barkada will be part of the entourage.

among my college barkada, only 3 has not yet married - that's j, r and my best friend. as i said, j's getting married this sunday. my best friend's getting married next year in spetember. as for r, well, it's still a question as to when she'll get married. hehehe!

anyway, for j's wedding, we've been having some problems with our gown. this is supposed to be the design of the gown, and based on how the couturier's drawing, this was supposed to be made from 2 different kinds of fabric. but, j decided to limit it to just a single fabric. the fabric is supposed to be star satin. best friend, e and me opted for a different modista to sew our dress since it just cost way too much if we go to j's couturier. when i showed the design to aling t, apparently, it would have been much better if it the gown was made of 2 fabrics.

what a dilemma! anyway, we were able to somehow adjust on this and the end product turned out nice. i'll just post it on a later entry after the wedding.

funny thing is, the design is also just too sexy for me! hahaha! how can i "compete" with e wearing this gown when she's tall and thin! right now, i'm way over my pre-pregnancy figure and i really don't know how i will look like in the gown come sunday! hehehe!

but like i told j last night, i'll just compensate for the lack of body figure via showmanship! i'll be co-hosting the reception along with e and the groom's friend. dadaanin ko na lang sa beauty and brains minus the body! hahaha!

imagine, i even surfed the net for a hairstyle! i just really want to look great during the wedding despite my plus size figure! i hope i get the exact look as i'm envisioning it. at least that compensates for the lack of confidence when it comes to my body size.

we're expected to be at fernwoods as early as 2pm for the pictorial. the wedding will be at 4pm. oh boy! that will definitely be a long wait! i'm going to ask hubby to take photos of me during the pictorial as well. that will be one great scrapbook moment for me.

let's see what happens during the wedding on sunday. i just hope my nerve doesn't fail me during my hosting stint! hahaha!


  1. nasa nagdadala lang yan... :) have confidence on yourself and you'll be fine. i'm sure you'll also make a great host!

  2. thanks mickee! the wedding turned out well naman, including my hosting! naks! i'll post about it soon. :D