Tuesday, November 22, 2005

computer meltdown!

i'm having issues today with my computer and the one fixing it! my computer was re-formatted yesterday afternoon due to some glitches. as i understand it, re-formatting is supposed to cure it of any problems and it's supposed to work much better than its previous state.


when i got in today, my computer is still not fixed. there was no ms office installed. the display image was just 16-bit, and the addresses in my mail box have been erased! and, it wasn't even connected to the network printer!

what the *^%#! i was scheduled to have a meeting with client at 10am earlier today and i still had to print my presentation materials. imagine my dismay when i get to the office and realize that i might not be able to open my files! my gosh! how can i re-set a meeting at such short notice! good thing my client was kind enough to just delay it for 30 minutes instead.

good thing i saved my files in the D drive that i was able to access it from another computer. i was really halfway to losing my patience already!

i told the IT guy, ok, just finish fixing the computer while i attend the meeting.

when i got back by lunchtime, my computer was still not completely repaired! i have deadlines today and i need to send out artworks to client via email. my email was not sending out the jpegs and i still have to install a few programs in my pc. the photoshop had to be re-nstalled as well as the ym. add to that, coz of the re-format, all my favorite internet sites have gone zilch! argh!!!

this is just isn't a good day for me & my pc! i'm slowly checking my pc now, trying out most of the programs just to make sure that nothing else is wrong.
i do hope by tomorrow, all is well already. i have a major material to finish and time is of the essence. i can't take anymore glitches on my computer! geesh!

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