Friday, November 18, 2005


as they say, thank god it's friday! am soooo looking forward to this weekend. work in the office is not really that toxic and yet i feel that i need this wekend to rest and do my own thing. actually, as if i can rest what with all the activities i'm planning to attend.

tomorrow is the christmas party of our e-group,
scrapbooks-exchange at le gran condo at greenhills. looking forward to all the scrapbook stash that will be given away for the raffle prizes. add to that, i bought papers from bet, one of our scrapbook enterpreneurs. oh no, how will i hide this from nelo when i go home!

after the party, we'll watch the "back to basics" concert of joe pizzulo and teri de sario at the araneta coliseum. that's at 8pm tomorrow night. good thing i was able to ask for tickets from clariz and from ate vi. at least i have a back-up just in case there's no available ticket from either of them.

on sunday, i'll just bum around the house since nelo will be going to a church activity in the afternoon. i'll probably just scrap or choose photos for my layouts.

whichever way i spend the weekend is fine with me as long as i'll just be doing what i feel like doing. i just get so tired at work so easily for the past 2 weeks that i really relish the days there's no work.

well, 2 more hours to go before office hours end! woohoo!

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