Wednesday, November 16, 2005

as we celebrate raya's 6th month birthday

last sunday, nelo and i decided to spend raya's 6th month birthday. instead of just simply visiting her, we decided to have a little picnic at loyola and decided to invite a few of her cousins along.

we asked my mom to prepare a little salo-salo and we'll just meet at loyola for lunch. our longtime friend and neighbor aling cely accompanied by chona joined us as well bringing with her her apo, botchog and denden.

i bought a cupcake for her the previous day at artcakes and asked the girl to write raya's name on the cake. it was pink cupcake which i think she would have loved had she been with us.

raya's cupcake with candle raya's cupcake

we were at loyola by 12:30 and arrived earlier than mama. it was enough time for us to clean up her place a bit and place the flowers we bought for her. by the time nelo & i were finished, mama already arived.

mommy & daddy in memoriam

kuya jun, ate tica and the kids - stef, frances, dominic and marga also visited raya.

with marga candle blowing

this was the second time we held a picnic with raya. the first was when we celebrated her supposed 1st month birthday. the feeling this time was far different. i've somehow recovered by now and yet i know i have not. and yet, i move forward just thinking that may god grant me the inner peace that i am totally in need of after raya's loss.

the continuous visit to raya every weekend has become a ritual for us. it is the only thing left of her physically that i can hold on to. time spent with her no matter how short is my way of healing. to make me realize even more that even though i lost my baby, i now have an angel watching over me and her daddy.

family pix 2 family pix

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