Wednesday, October 05, 2005

we're off to bangkok!

thailand Finally, after almost a year and a half, Nelo and i will be going to Bangkok from October 13 to 16! That's 4 days of sight seeing and relaxation.

We've both wanted to go to Bangkok right after our wedding for our honeymoon last year. But, since my sister-in-law who's already based in Texas was here for the wedding, we opted to postpone it instead at a later date. We already started planning for it last quarter of 2004 but, I got pregnant in October. So, the trip was postponed again.

Now, we're finally able to plan and book for this trip. Nelo really wanted to travel and I wanted to as well since I haven't been to Bangkok yet. Plus, I think we both (actually, I think I need this more as well), needed this break after our ordeal last May. The death of our baby last May had its toll in my emotions. It's been a roller coaster ride of emotions ever since. This vacation might really be good.

I'm excited about this trip already. I've checked the net and the question really is: where do we want to go in
Bangkok? Some of the places we will visit are (i hope!):
- Floating Market
- Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo
- Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
- City Pillar Shrine
- Rose Garden

We're staying at the
Indra Regent Hotel, which they say is located just in the city and the shopping area. Woohoo! Mega shopping at Bangkok!

Other than the shopping and the sight seeing, a lot of Kodak moments here! More photos for my scrapbook indeed!

Can't wait anymore...


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