Wednesday, October 05, 2005

it's 40% off at!

oh my gosh!!!! 40% off! wow!!!

i've been into scrapbooking since march of this year and i am hooked! i'm an addict already! whereas i previously spend on fashion mags, shoes or knickknacks, now i spend most of my spare money in buying scrapbook-related stuff.

i'm actually part of a scrapbooking e-group:
scrapbooks-exchange that's how i got into this expensive(!) hobby. i used to "scrap" some of my photos but i never thought that there's a science in keeping these memories alive and making it last for a long time, if not forever. i've learned the words acid-free and lignin-free in one day and have stamped it in my head whenever i buy stuff.

since there's not much available scrap supplies here, i've learned to order online already! i order through
sahrie or through joann's. grabe talaga!

and, i even went to the extent of requesting for a sizzix machine as a pasalubong from my sister-in-law! isn't that addiction indeed! a die-cutting machine that i can use freely without any worries. well, the only worry is where do i get the die cuts for this machine?! i just borrow from scrapper friends whenever there's an eb or, if they're willing to lend it for a few days.

and now! i find out that it's 40% off at and the sale is only until october 9! i can now buy at least 1 set of dies at a discounted rate! cool!

but... will i have the money to buy this one?! uh-uh-uh! better ask nelo if he'll allow me to buy a set...

wish me luck!...

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