Thursday, October 06, 2005

domino's snack!

we just had a hearty snack from domino's pizza!

lieza has been craving for domino's pizza since yesterday but nobody wanted to buy. well today, she was finally able to convince us to share in the cost of the pizza - with the bigger chunk going to her! we had 2 big family size: pepperoni and ham & cheese + 2 1.5 liter of coke.

and who joined the feast? -- me, lieza, ryan, willa, carla, lynn, nereus and carla. even mitos got a share! but much like willa, she only wants the edge of the pizza.

funny, we were all gathered around our table sa amg and as if may cocktails! lahat nakatayo lang while eating. it is during these times when you feel the bond of friendship at the office grow stronger.

amidst all the work, we are still able to find time to be together and exchange chikas.

it's back to work again...

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