Thursday, October 20, 2005

our bangkok adventure

nelo and i just got back last sunday, october 16 from our bangkok vacation. finally, after almost a year and a half of planning hits & misses, i've now seen bangkok.

it was really an adventure for us. the minute we arrived at our hotel, we immediately decided to check out the place. and, instead of taking a taxi, we opted to walk and explore the area. wow, it was a long walk from our hotel to mbk, one of their malls there. tiring as it was, it was fun also since we knew very little about bangkok. it's my 1st time to be there and it was nelo's 2nd. but nelo went there like 10 years ago already and the place have changed much according to him.

also, instead of taking the taxi, we chose to ride their bts (our mrt counterpart) and their subway (which was the mrt for them). it was funny coz we didn't know which station to go to and we also didn't know how to get tickets from their ticketing station. thank god for signs! all the maps we've taken from the airport was a great help for us.
the next few days were spent visiting their temples and their crocodile and elephant farm. it really is nice to visit bangkok. the place is filled with culture and their temples are just a breathtaking sight. plus, the people here are so nationalistic. they have great pride for their country and you can feel it in the way they talk about their king & queen, the way they follow the rules and regulations. there was traffic there much like here in manila but the poeple are more forgiving of the traffic. they actually have the discipline to wait things out and follow the rules.

one thing i realized also was that i can't mix culture with shopping! it was so hard hopping from the cultural tour and then going shopping after. as it turns out, shopping was really just our side trip with the tour as our main priority. as it should be anyway. i'll probably go back to bangkok again and focus on shopping next time!

still in manila centennial airport while waiting in the plane to bangkok indra hotel terrace

4-faced buddha mbk

us with the buddha come in

peek-a-boo serene

wat timirit tuk-tuk

release me by the elephant

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