Friday, October 21, 2005


for the past week, i've developed a bad habit of eating chips and drinking c2 as my "before work" snack. everyday, lieza would go down to buy something at mini-stop and i will always ask her to buy for me too. i've noticed that i've always asked her to buy for me a c2 and either tostillas, torillos or taquitos or pillows. bad me! junk food junkie early in the day!

i know, i know, close friends who'll hear of this habit will definitely reprimand me! i'm supposed to be losing weight since i have to attend joanna's wedding end of next month as a secondary sponsor. but how am i supposed to lose weight when here i am eating junk foods instead!

aahhh!!! i'd better stop this habit immediately, otherwise, i'll never hear the end of teasing from my barkada once they see me during the wedding. and i don't think i can bear it!!!!

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