Friday, October 07, 2005

amici di don bosco

we had lunch earlier at amici di don bosco with carla, bonki and ed.

it's been months since we last ate there and we were definitely craving for their delicious gelato. today, instead of eating their pinoy food selection for lunch, we all opted for the pasta, well, almost all of us. ed was kinda feeling off so he just chose monggo instead.

what did we order: i had spaghetti with shrimps and clams; carla had the spinach lasgna; and bonki had the linguine with lobster tails. yummy!

and we all had gelato for dessert: vanilla with nuts, strawberry and hazelnut gelato.

it's always nice eating at amici. it's real italian food considering that it's the italian brothers of the salesian order that runs this place. the slight setback is that it's always full during lunch. the area is divided into 2 areas: there's the pasta section which you'll see as soon as you enter; then there's the bigger area where the regular food, pizza and gelato sections are situated.

for a regular lunch, you might consider it a bit expensive. the regular food costs P120 for a rice and viand. pasta orders are P150 - P170. but hey, it's really worth it! the pizza is priced reasonably as well, i have tasted one already and it's good! but, i haven't really ordered it yet coz i don't have anybody to share it with.

the gelato is the best! for only P35 a cup, you'll be able to enjoy already authentic italian ice cream!

good thing they're now open until 5pm and they're even open on saturdays!



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