Friday, October 07, 2005

it's taking forever!

i'm supposed to implement this project for a client and we've committed to them a november breakdate. it's been 2 weeks since we've last talked to media with regards the details of the project. but until now, we still haven't gotten the details from our media supplier!

i am so mad about this situation! i can't go to my client without the details! and i can't proceed with to the next step at all! all because of this group who can't seem to understand the importance of this project!

i only need a simple comparison of details for the 2 types of concepts that we have. it's a simple task really! all they need to do is tell me which is more feasible in terms of production! submit the report and i'll do teh rset in presenting this to client.

have they given it to me?! NO!!!! they want to have another meeting instead! the h*#* with these meeting!

this project is not for free and we're gonna pay them and yet, it seems to me that we're the one adjusting to their schedule!

i hate working like this... client might think that we're not doing anything with regards to the promotion of his products...

how can i tell him that there are just some people who are so insensitive to the needs of clients that they can afford to let time pass with little understanding on its urgency...

during these times, i can only say that advertising work s#@ks!...

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