Saturday, March 05, 2011

boy or girl?

that is the big question!

it's the 26th week of my pregnancy and we are due for a check-up today.
i am also due for an ultrasound and my ob said we'll know the baby's gender by now.
we are so excited!

my family's rooting for a baby boy!
when we found out i was pregnant, my dad immediately said it will be a boy. with much conviction i must say.
and nelo even picked a name for the baby already.

so we'll know soon enough if the prediction is correct.
truthfully, be it a boy or a girl, we just want the baby to be healthy and safe.
that's all we pray for everyday.
boy or girl... it will be a much awaited blessing.

so what do you think?

{@ 22 weeks}


  1. you looked so much younger (and prettier, too) now that you're pregnant...

  2. Congrats for having a boy!