Monday, July 20, 2009

you fascinate me

this is a layout i created for the pink paislee contest at create my keepsake held in june.

for the contest, we had to use 100% pink paislee products and the title had to include one of the following words in the title: captivating, enchanting, fascinating or fetching. the title will determine the contest category. these are actually the names of the pink paislee collections.

i used "you fascinate me" as my title. and i also included most of the words in my journal. the words just inspired me when i wrote the journal. it may sound cheeky to others but the journal was really heartfelt.

this layout was chosen as layout of the day last june 15 at the forum.

did i tell you i won the contest?! yes i did!!! i won! i won! yipee!

and, i just received my prize after 2 weeks of waiting! it's the whole pink paislee fascinating collection. yipee again! thank you to lisa tilmon, owner of create my keepsake for generously sending the prize here!

enough babbling! here is the layout.

I still remember the time I first met you… You and I were talking about different things. You were very friendly and open. And yet I knew that there was something about you. A certain mystery, a depth of character guarding itself. I knew then that I wanted to discover more about you. I wanted to know more about this person who was slowly capturing my heart. I was fascinated by you, by the enchantment you were weaving around me. I was truly captivated by your fetching personality. And now, seven years after we first met, you still continue to do the same thing…

thanks to my dear friend pia for telling me about this contest. winning this wouldn't have been possible if not for the information she shared. thanks sis!


  1. I love these flowers Liza. The layout is so nice...

  2. I am not surprised that you won. This is an amazing layout! Well done Liza! Congrats and enjoy your loot!

  3. Congratulations Liza! Very nice layout! And the journaling is so heartfelt. :D Way to go!

  4. congrats liza! totally deserving, great concept and every details ties together with your theme.