Monday, May 25, 2009

20 scrapbooking tips by ali edwards

been blog hopping a bit this afternoon and i chanced upon this post by ali edwards. a very interesting read. makes you re-examine the habits we've created as we scrapbook.

admittedly, it's hard to apply most of these tips to myself but i picked 5 items which i totally agree with...

6. Repetition. Probably my favorite design principle: do something once and then do it two more times. Three is a very nice number. Repeat colors. Repeat shapes. Repeat accents.

8. Note to self: there is no perfect layout. Forget about perfection; rather adopt an attitude that you will learn something from each layout you complete. Maybe it will be a new way to combine colors, create embellishments, or crop your photos. Maybe it will be that you totally dislike the way you did something. Make a mental note and move on to the next thing.

12. Just stick it down. If you have been looking at a single layout for days and days and days it is probably time to just stick it all down and move on the next. Isn't it awesome that there is always another story to tell?

16. Make sure you are in your scrapbooks. Take photos of yourself. Set your timer. Hand over your camera. Get together with friends to take photos of one another. Your kids and your family will thank you.

18. Take some time to go back over all the layouts you have created and give yourself a hug for all the stories you have told. Taking a look at the body of your work will give you a whole new perspective on what you have done and where you want to go next.

do check it out and see what tips you can apply to yourself.

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