Friday, November 21, 2008

november kit at awdml

the november kits for a walk down memory lane have been released already mid-month. i wasn't able to upload some of the layouts i did since i was out the past 2 weeks.

awdml have 2 kits - back to school and everyday nonsense. both kits are quite different that i initially had concerns finding the right photo. still, i made a good start with my first month dt stint with awdml.

here are my layouts:

title: wacky lights

these are photos of my cousins and my uncle during kuya dino's birthday. this is the first time i've seen them all together like this.

this layout is based on a sketch by alicia barry.

title: click, click

this is my niece aly playing with that broken camera her parents gave her. well, the flash was working and it was enough to make her believe it was still working! lol!

altered art: save up!

this is an ice cream tub that i altered. it's actually a "piggy bank" and the slit is hidden beneath that oval chipboard. it's such an eye candy that it really motivates us to save up!

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  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    uy thats a cute piggy..errrr tubby bank. Very creative naman!