Thursday, November 20, 2008

am back and swamped

after 2 weeks of being out-of-town for work, i am back to my regular life.

it's been such a tiring week. twice last week, i had to be up as early as 3:30am just to prepare and reach the airport in time for my 5am flight.

i was tired but i did have fun during the trips. it was an experience to be able to visit a new place and immerse yourself in the local life somehow.

i went back to manila last saturday by 1pm. and since it was also lasting impression's anniversary sale, i couldn't pass up the chance for some scrap shopping. so off to the store we went by 2pm. after all, i've been deprived of scrapping for the past 2 weeks. i did score a few new papers and that acrylic block i've been eyeing for months already. i ordered a paper gator which i have yet to pick-up.

i thought i'll be able to scrap the whole of sunday, unfortunately, i was advised that we have a photo shoot to attend that day. so sunday from 2pm - 9pm, i was out of the house working. no rest for the weary as they say. there was practically no chance to rest much at all.

i guess tiredness got the better of me. i woke up at 2am monday with the worst back pain i've felt in a while. i was literally crying in pain! nelo was at a loss, he couldn't do anything but watch me as i writhe in pain. he applied liniment on my back and it did help a little but it was really so painful, i just cried myself to sleep.

it's already thursday and work is terrible. lots of pending projects and other deliverables. i can't seem to catch up much with life nowadays. i really can't wait for the week to be over. but yet again, i have a major presentation on monday and i still have to prepare for it.

well, at least i still have a job. so despite all the workload, i must move on. december 1 was declared a holiday so i do hope i can get the much needed rest by then.


  1. take it easy liza, yep despite the stress, work is still our bread and butter esp with the crisis going on now haaay life ;)

  2. hi lisa, slow down a bit and enjoy. glad to see you back. virtually. hehehe.