Monday, September 01, 2008

challenge #32 - miracle

this is my layout for week # 32 at the journaling junkie.

talking about my feelings like this was a bit hard but i knew that this was what i wanted to say in my journal.


Alone time after your loss often leads to endless crying on my part. It is still a hard fact to accept even after 3 years has passed. Not a single day goes by when I've wished that you would have been beside me. But HE has other plans I guess. I've asked myself countless times, why me? Why take my baby away? But all I hear is emptiness. He's not ready to share the reason with me. He probably thinks that it will be more acceptable in due time. But I haven't lost my faith. I know deep in my heart that the day will come when He will bless us once again with another child. I just have to continue on with life, continue believing in His greatness. That there is still a miracle waiting for us. In due time...

materials used: studio azul kit, lace, thread, alpha stickers - my scrapwork

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  1. You need to check out the comments that people left for you at JJ.
    It was a really fantastic Lo and touched many more than just those that commented, I'm sure.