Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i'm spaced out

the past week has been quite busy for me. lots of things to do at the office. presentations here and there. and it goes on and on and on.

on top of that, we scrappin' moms have just launched again our scrappin' moms idol. this is the 2nd year and this thing really takes up much of our extra time as well. imagine, us discussing the challenges, uploading the challenges, answering questions, then uploading entries and then judging it. it's taking its toll on all of us and i'm sure the tiredness will start creeping in and will definitely hit us with a bang!

a long weekedn just passed since august 25 (monday) was a holiday. but, there was no rest for us really. saturday, nelo & i just spent it at home. it was the only time i was able to really rest. sunday, right after church, we went over to my mom's and spent practically there the whole afternoon. it was very productive though as we were able to buy lighting fixtures for our room.

monday was a long day for me. met with the scrappin' moms at 7am over at ria's house. then we went to dinah's for a whole day cropping session. pia was gracious to share with us her papers from daisy bucket, where she's a design team member. i was able to finish 2 layouts. i still have to scan it so i can share it here. i got home after that at 8pm, slept at 11:30pm and woke up the following day tuesday at 3am.

yup! 3 am! scrappin' moms was featured as part of a segment at umagang kay ganda. call time was at 4am at vivian's store, lasting impression, which is why i had to wake up that early. the segment was hosted by winnie cordero and we did have fun during the shoot. we invited over some scrappy friends and a few of them volunteered to attend. thanks to leirs, alby, dinah, lala and maybs for being so game taht early.

so now, with the lack of sleep and the feeling of tiredness from all these activities, i am really spaced out. i hope i can get back into the groove of things by tomorrow. there's a lot of stuff i still have to finish...

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