Wednesday, July 16, 2008

life's changes

a lot of changes have been happening in our life for the past 6 months. eversince we've decided to have our house built, it has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us. i'm sure if you've been in my shoes, you'll agree with me that building a house is no easy feat.

a lot of financial adjustments had to be made. tempers flaring up and worries increasing at certain times out of frustration and the desire to have everything built on time. tons of calls to institutions just to make sure that they approve and fast track processing of forms. the unspoken worries of what might happen if we're not able to meet schedules from suppliers. a lot of other things happening along the way.

at times when we thought we've ran out of options, god guides us to a different path. he shows us to roads which we never thought were there. we are much thankful to families and friends who have been open and willing enough to help us out with our concerns.

there are still a lot of things to finish and completion is still far from happeniing. but we're getting there, slowly but surely.

it's already been 8 months since we embarked on this journey. we're hoping that we'll have 90% completion by end of september. the percentage of completion is subjective. a lot has yet to be finished really. but we are hopeful. we have to be. that is the only way we can motivate and push ourselves.

at this point, we keep on reminding ourselves that this is for our future. if we do not do this now, then when? we haven't forgotten our desire to try building our family. but for now, when we still can, we will first prepare the foundation. eventually, god willing, he will grant us a baby once more. probably it is right, all in due time. for now, there are other priorities. and we will keep our focus on that.

we continue to pray that he guide us to the right path. we need his guidance and we need to believe, we need to be strong and strengthen our faith.

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  1. Liza building a house is probably one of the most strenuous things your marriage will ever undertake. Remember you both have common goals and both of you need to compromise sometimes! My dh and I built our house 3 years ago! I wouldn't trade it for anything but I sure wouldn't want to do it again. Best wishes!