Wednesday, March 05, 2008

of tags & awards

i "heart" your blog award

thank you to heidi for this award. i'm glad someone loves my blog somehow.

forever friends award

thanks to yvelle for this award. i actually met yvelle when we joined the weddings at work 5th year anniversary celeb. it's been a while after that and it's good seeing her again online. thanks yvelle for this.

six unimportant things about me tag

i was tagged by apple for this one...

1. i don't drive. i rely on my hubby or my brother to drive for me. i want to learn but i guess i can't squeeze it in my sked at the moment. but i am a backseat driver when it comes to my hubby. bad me!

2. i can't sleep without a blanket covering my feet at least. i don't care if it's hot, humid or what. i gotta have my blanket!

3. i am picky when it comes to pens. i have to get specific types otherwise i'll feel like my handwriting sucks (as if it doesn't already as it is!)!

4. i have big feet. i think i went past the size 9 stage already and it's now a size 10.

5. i sometimes buy a lot of shoes but i end using only 1 pair all the time.

6. i have a sweet tooth.

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