Thursday, January 10, 2008

up and about

okay, so i've recovered a bit from flu over the weekend. i guess it was something that was bound to happen.

the week before christmas, i've already been feeling a bit iffy with colds. but since there were a lot to do for the holidays, i decided to just keep on popping a higher dosage of ascorbic acid and complement with 2 glasses of berocca daily. it seemed to work that time coz despite the continued colds, i was quite okay. that was until last weekend that is.

i guess add to that that i haven't been sleeping regularly the past 3 weeks. a lot of things had to be prepared for christmas and new year. plus, i had to do the altered clocks for nelo's officemates and the layouts i did also when i joined scrapperie. then there's the early wake-up calls to do errands and other stuff.

whew! that's quite a lot.

still, good thing that was over, i've recuperated and now it's back to normal for me.

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