Thursday, January 10, 2008

improved frame

this is my 2nd project for this year.
i still have to post the first one though. actually, i still need to get a picture of it. actually, again, i need to borrow the mini-album i made for my niece for her 18th birthday celebration. lol! i'll just include the kwento on that when i post it.

one of our ninangs from our wedding is celebrating her birthday today. my cousin, who's my ninang's sister, has asked me to improve the frame which they'll give as a gift.

i was given their group photos and the blank frame and she'll just pick it up today. take note that the photos and frame were given to me just last tuesday.

i worked on this project frantically last night. it wasn't easy trying to fit those photos in the frame and still appear organized. i finished the project at 2:30am this morning. talk about beating the deadline.

thank goodness for stamps and glitter glue! these were my lifesaver for thsi project.

note: sorry for the dark shot. i had to rush taking a photo this morning coz we were running late for work already.


  1. wow ambilis! I like the way you blocked the photos, isa din yan sa mga gusto ko gawin, to put in more photos.

  2. love the mosaic outlook of this!