Monday, September 17, 2007


i'll be in cebu for an overnight stay tomorrow until wednesday for work.

i'll be attending a fgd research for one of our clients.

since i'm there already, i hope i can touch base with my former officemates from sm. i guess i'll just have to decide tomorrow if i can text them i'm not sure how long the research will take and i don't want to compromise anybody's schedule.

oh and on wednesday evening, i'll be playing badminton with nelo and his officemates. i've been playing badminton at least twice a week for 2 weeks now. i'm starting to get the hang of it and i actually prefer it since i sweat more than when i'm at the gym. i'm hoping this helps me lose weight. we'll see.

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  1. Hey Liza! You're attending an FGD? Where do you work ba? I'm in market research kase and I used to do FGDs all the time until I moved to Coke. So now I also observe rather than conduct FGDs. Anyway, have a good week. Enjoy badminton!