Friday, July 06, 2007

let's play tag! - i hate...

tagged again. this time by ria.

1. food you hate - i don't like bopis and arroz valenciana. but the irony of it, i love paella and i eat dinuguan and they seem to all have the same ingredients. labo ba?! hahaha!

2. fruits you hate - durian! marang! i don't like the smell and i didn't like the taste. i don't even like the candy.

3. veggies that you hate - nothing. i love vegetables and i eat even yung madulas na gulay like saluyot and okra. pati nga bulaklak ng kalabasa and yung katuray. if di mo alam ano ang katuray, don't ask na! hahaha!

4. celebrities or people that you hate - wendy from pinoy big brother 2!

5. event/incident/situation that you hate - can't think of any at this point.

6. tv shows or movies that you hate - the likes of the jerry springer show where most of their guests fight over each other coz of some issues. very trashy!

7. type of music that you hate - i hate loud music like hardcore rock

8. household chore that you hate - washing clothes. i prefer to iron them than to wash them.

9. things you hate about the world - people's lack of concern for each other and racism.

10. things you hate about yourself - my inability to get the drive to go back to the gym and start losing all these unwanted pounds!

i am tagging anybody who reads this blog. hehehe!

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