Thursday, February 08, 2007

tagaytay weekend

last sunday was spent at tagaytay attending rachelle's wedding at chapel on the hill.

we were out of the house by 10am and dropped by loyola to "visit" raya before proceeding to tagaytay. we got there at exactly 12nn, so we decided to have lunch first since the wedding was set at 2pm. which means, the menu will be: bulalo & fried tawilis! yum! these are the specialties of the town and we really had to order it.

after lunch, it was off to the church for us. admittedly, you really had to make an effort attending the wedding coz of the venue. still, it was for a friend so no regrets. the church was at chapel on the hill and the reception was at hacienda isabella. really far, if you ask me. the ambience at hacienda isabella was so romantic. perfect for an event like this.

am so happy to see rachelle & rupert finally tying the knot. they've been together for almost 7 years already, i think. they practically started out as friends/barkadas and somewhere along the way, they just realized that they are meant to be partners.

the wedding was also a chance for old friends to catch up on each other's lives. i was happy to see our entire ac barkada together (minus ella & nikki who are both based abroad already; and also eliza who just recently gave birth to their 2nd baby). cherry was able to attend the wedding. good thing she had a flight to manila from work (she's a flight attendant).

here's a photo of the newlyweds and some of our own pictorials.

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