Monday, February 12, 2007

never again

will i have my photos developed at photoline!

i had the photos developed there yesterday for the brag book album i was going to make for my mil & sil. i had 28 photos (x 3 sets) developed.

i was a bit apprehensive having the photos developed there coz i wasn't sure if their process produces "acid-free" photos. but since i was in a rush and we were already at market market, i went ahead and still had it developed.

the photos actually turned out nice. the printing quality was good so i had no problems.. that is until i went home and decided to actually test the paper.

using my trusty archival pen, i made a mark at the back of the photo to test its acidity. oh my gosh! just a few seconds after i marked it, the mark slowly started to fade and turned yellow! it clearly indicated that the paper is not "acid free!"

i was so disappointed upon seeing what happened. if you're a scrapper, you will definitely understand what i felt at that moment.

if there's any consolation to this thing, it's the fact that the brag book will just be a small-sized album. the photos were 2.5" x 2.5" and mostly close-up shots of the family. the album was meant to be a brag book, showcasing each member of the family, which my in-laws can carry around in their bags without being too bulky.

and so, despite the disappointment, i have to proceed with the album's completion. i'll just have it posted here once i've finished the project.

let this post serve as a warning to you scrapbookers out there...
friends, fuji and kodak are still your best bet for "acid free" photographs.


  1. hi liza. i developed my pics at fuji. they use fuji paper. i wonder if they are acid frees. i have no tester pen e. hihihi.naku, panu yan, you just have to spray nalng.


  2. hey cabbie. fuji & kodak still has the most reliable photo developing process. naku, ano pa nga ba, either spray on it or live with it na lang. hahaha!

  3. hi liza...checking your blogsite came at the right time, thanks for sharing about this... i usually have my pictures printed at picture city (they use different types of papers), but through this blog, i guess i'd just have my pics printed on kodak. -- like cabbie, i don't have any ph tester pen, so i absolutely had no idea that even the photo paper has to be acid-free!