Saturday, January 06, 2007

saisaki (again)

we had lunch at saisaki today with xylex & ayet. we haven't seen these guys for months already, i think the last was during nelo's birthday party last year.

it was a little get together thing and a nice way to catch up on the latest happenings in our families. myla & family were also there with us.

actually, the last time we were at saisaki was in november last year. we just really wanted to eat japanese food again so we decided on this as our venue once more for this get together.

aside from the japanese buffet, we got again the stuffed toys that comes with the iced tea. this is turning to be a habit for us. hahaha! we got the santa bears last november. this time, it was colored giraffe toys. cute!

anyway, aside from the full stomach, we were able to share a lot of stories including about our recent vacation. i was actually telling ayet to do try going there coz it was fun. but apparently, travelling abroad needs to atke a back seat for now since xylex is quite busy with work.

we ended lunch at 3pm already. it was an enjoyable lunch. we do hope we can meet up with them again soon.

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