Thursday, January 11, 2007

a husband's perspective...

on scrapbooking.

you have to check this blog:

i saw this link in one of the blogs i regularly check. this is so amusing! except for the part where his wife sells items, i'm sure my dh will agree with all of this guy's sentiments somehow! lol!

on the part of my dh, he is my official driver to all my scrapbook activities. he has to ask me first what my plans are just so it doesn't conflict with his especially when we have to attend parties or such.

if i buy something from a crop party and i ran out of cash, i text him to bring some when he picks me up. and, there are times when i don't pay him anymore. lol!

but seriously, my dh is truly supportive of this hobby. he lets me do this beacuse he knows it makes me happy. it is a passion that i have found and i intend to continue doing for a long time.

he makes an effort to show his support for my scrapbooking addiction, even to the extent of walking almost more than a mile just to get to the scrapbooking stores during our last vacation.

he is my worst critic. he'll give me his comments on my layout even if i don't ask for it. which is good sometimes but it can also be irritating as well. lol!

there are still a lot to be said about my dh on this. bottomline is, i love him for understanding me on all of this. for his non-stop support and his patience as well.

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