Tuesday, October 10, 2006

texas journal # 4

today, we went out to vist the texas state aquarium and the uss lexington near the bay area of corpus christi.

at the texas state aquarium, there were a lot of water animals and inhabitants on display. it was fascinating to see these different creatures on display there. they had a variety of fishes incluidng some sharks and mantras on display. they also have some turtles and tortoises. they also had a section devoted for jelly fish. and wow, they even have a school of piranha on display. it was truly a marvel to see all these creatures there.

after visiting the exhibit, there was a dolphin show where they have these 2 dolphins in captivity. ang galing! they are really trained for those shows. pasikat talaga sila with every command they get from their trainors.

hay, kakatuwa!

after namin dun, punta naman kami sa uss lexington. ito, old war ship ito ng u.s noong wartime pa. it is now docked there and used as a museum.

there were planes on display including tidbits about the ship. i can't imagine na almost 2.5 acres ang laki ng ship na yun! they also had a film showing in the area.

it was a different experience going to these 2 areas.

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