Thursday, September 21, 2006


my best friend is getting married in 2 days time. after almost 3 years of being together, they have finally decided to tie the knot. and i am very happy with their decision.

clariz and i have been best friends since college and we've been through a lot. like any friendship, there were good times and bad times. still, our friendship remained strong. it is not a perfect friendship still, we survived.

i only wish her & emer the best that married life has to offer. and, that they place god in the center of their relationship. i am quite certain that she has found th eperson who will love her unconditionally forever.

side kwento:

we had a bridal shower for her last sunday night at cpk. it was supposed to be just us girls but one of our friends decided to bring along her fiancee and clariz was bringing emer along as well. so, we just decided to hold go on with the dinner despite the "unexpected" company. besides, not all of our barkadas were able to attend. it was just me, rachelle, joanna and of course, clariz.

i made a mini scrapbook for her in time for the dinner. i asked our barkada to send their messages for clariz and i compiled it. i was glad that she liked it.


  1. Congratulations to Clariz... and advance happy birthday to you too! I pray that your dream will finally be fulfilled! God bless!

  2. happy birthday liza! more blessings!