Sunday, April 02, 2006

my march slice of life

we've been doing a monthly layout as part of our "slice of life" (sol) project at scrapbooks exchange. we're supposed to do a monthly layout about us and use a standard set of questions for the journalling.

it was actually ria who opened up this idea to the group. as scrapbookers, we often do layouts for our family and those around us but rarely do you see the spotlight shining on us. the sol was a chance for us to focus on ourselves and share personal tidbits.

i finished doing my march sol earlier today. hubby and i just stayed at home today. no errands or anything. and so i was able to devote the whole day finishing this layout:

i just adjusted some of the questions and mixed in a few other things to make the journalling truly personal.

i really had fun doing those layouts. you can check out my other slice of life layouts here.

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