Friday, April 07, 2006

just a few more days

it's been almost a week since i've last been here. work is really taking up so much of my time. i have to finish all my pending requirements if i want to be able to enjoy the coming holiday.

a few more days and it'll be holy week already. a time for relaxing a bit and a few more hours of sleep for me. no need to rush in the morning. it's the time when i can do a little bit more for myself and those around me.

i've been itching to scrap already and really looking forward to the few days off. i'm working on a belated birthday gift/early anniversary gift for hubby. i'm hoping it will turn out well.

but more than the days off, next week is a time for reflection. i dare not forget that next week is the start of the week long passion of christ. it is a time for us to think deeply about the things we have done and all the sacrifices that he has done to save us all. next week should primarily be a time for prayer and repentance. a time devoted to remembreing the never-ending love of christ for us.

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