Sunday, March 12, 2006

thank you cebu pacific!

thank god for cebu pacific's 10 at 10 promo last week! around 100,000 seats to various destinations were offered at only P10 per flight! where can you get a deal like that?!

now, i'll be able to go home with hubby to dipolog and in the process, take a sidetrip to dumagute and bohol! yipee!

actually, since there's no direct flight to dipolog, i booked a flight to dumaguete instead. from dumaguete, we'll take a ferry ride to bohol first. after a day or two, we'll then head off to dipolog to visit my in-laws.

well, of course, from dipolog, we'll just take a return ferry trip to dumaguete on our way back to manila.

it took a lot of sweet nothings just to convince hubby to find a schedule for this flight. we finally agreed to leave in august. it would have been fun leaving in september, sort of a birthday gift for me. but, my best friend's getting married by then and i'll be the matron of honor.

i'm babbling here! anyways, that promo gave us the best deal in terms of price and i'm so happy that i'll finally be able to go to those areas.

i even created a ticker to count off the days till our vacation! woohoo!

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  1. aha, kaya pala pagbisita ko may vacation ticker ka :) *green-with-envy*