Wednesday, March 08, 2006

non-stop stress

it's only wednesday and yet i feel so stressed already. i am up to my neck with work and i am juggling from one project to the next. i have a big project coming up and i have to worry about the materials, clearances and worst, even the financial status of the account.

add to that another project wherein i have a segment coming up during the weekend and i still have to order the cake they need. i even have to find someone who will transport it to the studio and make sure that they get the client's products along the way.

plus, i have this other client who can't seem to make up their mind in terms of what ad design they want for their upcoming event. we've submitted countless layouts and still, no "ad-worthy" material for them. i even have to file their permits for that activity! there goes half a day just filing for that freaking number!

i still have around 3-4 accounts with various concerns and requirements that i haven't even started on yet. deadlines are creeping up on me and i am running out of time.

gosh!!! i still have to wait for 2 more days before it's weekend again. when will this stress ever end?!


  1. sis, breathe in breathe out :D

  2. i feel your stress school is ending soon kaya daming work na daming dapat gawin.. matatapos na rin yun and im so sure magkaka time ka na uli mag scrap