Wednesday, March 22, 2006

big eggs

i visited my ob again yesterday for a follow-up on my last check-up.

according to my ob, i responded very fast to the clomid treatment and i am now ovulating. my eggs are supposed to be bigger than the regular-sized egg. which is the main effect also of the clomid treatment. and it is hoped that the chances of the sperm meeting up with the egg will be bigger. next step now is to start making a baby.

i was also advised to take duphastan starting thursday, just to make sure that it sticks, assuming that the sperm & egg have met already. which i hope they did!

hearing my ob say that i've responded fast to the clomid treatment is a positive sign for us. we really are praying that i'll be able to conceive again soon. it's almost a year now since my baby has passed away. and we just feel that it is now time to start re-building our family again.

we just pray that all will happen positively towards this road that we are taking.

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  1. Good luck, Liza! I know how stressful it can get to keep returning to the OB for check-ups and to have to take meds. I hope this works for you and your hubby. *hugs*