Monday, January 16, 2006

it's party time!

the party of my niece last january 8 was such a big hit! baby c had fun during the party! she never had any tantrums and was willing to be carried by almost anybody from the family. a 100% turn-around from her grouchy self the day they arrived from texas.

as i've previously posted, hubby and i were in charge of organizing the party. we were at the venue as early as 1pm just to make sure that everything was set-up well. the prizes for the games and the loot bags were displayed and the pabitin was turned over to the glico's people. the caterers arrived way ahead of the expected time and were almost ready when we got there.

other than the loot bags, i also made the welcome posters for the party. just got the blank poster from glico's and i designed it myself. it was so cute! thanks to my friend leirs for lending me her letter dies. the psoter helped in leading the guests to the party area considering that it was at the far end of glico's.

by 230pm, the guests still have not arrived. well, i purposely placed 230pm in the invite knowing that they'll probably arrive at 3pm, which is the actual start of the party.

at the start, i was nervous that there wouldn't be much kids in the guests since some of sil & bil's friends were still single. but, i was not dispapointed. by the time we started at 330pm, there were a lot of kids already and they were actually more than what we expected.

the games started and the kids really enjoyed the party. everyone who participated in the games each received a prize regardless if they won or not. we had 2 sets of pabitin so there was also ample supply of toys and goodies for the kids.

everyone had fun during the magician's segment! one of the kids were asked to play along with the magician. and it was such a hilarious moment! the kid was more than willing to participate with the magician. even the adults had fun watching them! the highlight of the magician's show was when he asked my fil to join the game! the magician asked fil to follow whatever he'll do. so, magician scratches his head, fil scratches his head. magician waves his magic wand, fil will do the same. but when the magician set his & fil's hankie, that's when the fun begins! the magician literally slapped the hankie to stop the fire from burning further. when he asked fil to do the same, fil didn't want to do it! the magician was "forcing" fil's hand onto the fire but fil just kept on yanking his hand away! lol! they looked hilarious on stage! all the guests were laughing seeing them banter on stage. the magician had to give in and he himself put the fire out! lol!

the last segment was when glico the mascot came out to play with the kids. wow! baby c liked him so much! she didn't fret at all. she was even dancing along with glico's when he was doing his dance number.

it was really fun! all the late night preparations paved off. some of our friends & realtives even asked who prepared the party and they were so surprised to hear that it was just hubby and me. i feel like blushing that instant.

the dust has already settled and now, i need to start working on her first birthday scrapbook. lots of photos to choose from actually!

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