Tuesday, December 06, 2005

welcome baby aly

we have a new addition to the family. my sister-in-law gave birth to a healthy baby girl last november 29, a day after her birthday. baby aly was born prematurely (scheduled birth) at 4.7 lbs. although considered a preemie, my sil was already able to bring home baby aly as early as last saturday. i believe she's a strong baby. she has a cousin from my hubby's side who was also born prematurley but they were only able to bring her home a month after. it really is a blessing to my sil and bil.

they've been waiting for this baby for almost 5 years. my sil has difficulty conceiving a baby and they've really been trying for years. am not quite familiar with the medical term but i think it's pcos or something. anyway, she even had an operation about 2 years ago to somehow correct her condition and hopefully increase the chances of getting pregnant. i think they even went to as far as doing or was it considering invitro fertilization. but, still, no baby.

it was only earlier this year that finally, they were able to conceive a baby. still, it was a long and arduous process for both sil & her husband. she had to undergo daily injections to make sure that her placenta doesn't reject the baby that's growing in her tummy. plus, the platelet injections and the numerous medicines she has to take daily. she had to stop working and just really stay rested most of the time. other than the emotional stress they have to undergo to make sure the baby grows strong inside her, the financial toll on them was also big. hubby's family was helping them out already just to make sure everything goes well.

and it all paid off. they now have their little miracle with them and thankfully, there were no complications nor was there a need for baby aly to stay long in the hospital.

at this point in time though, caring for her is really a very careful process. we need to cover our nose when holding her to avoid any transference of germs or colds. her immune system is still very fragile so everybody had to take precautions to assure her continued growth and health.

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